Tutorial Roamer Dek!!!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang best heroes for roamer-Khufra, Tigreal, Estes, and Rafaela

This role has the lowest priority in terms of getting resources in the game, such as gold and experience, because it does not need much items or levels to fulfill its job and be effective.

It’s important to note that being a roamer does not necessarily mean playing a tank hero. Although many roamers prefer this type of hero, other classes such as support and fighter, can also excel in this role

Having roaming boots also grants you casino live two unique passive effects: Devotion and Thriving. Devotion prevents you from gaining gold and experience from creeps and minions, ensuring you don’t share these resources with nearby allies.

To offset this, Thriving gives you extra 25 percent EXP and gold from assists. Additionally, it gives the ally with the lowest gold/EXP a certain amount of said resources every few seconds. But if you have the lowest gold/EXP in your team, you gain 25 percent more of the bonuses.

Set up kills

As a roamer, setting up kills is a critical part of your role.

Whether it’s initiating a team fight, making an important pickoff, or helping an ally being chased by enemies, your ability to create opportunities for your team can be a game changer.

A lot of tank heroes have great initiation abilities, while most supports have healing and shield spells to help allies in danger.

While it’s your job to take damage, surviving is also important to avoid giving away gold and EXP to the enemy team. This means that you need to be mindful of your positioning and avoid taking unnecessary damage.

For roamers with healing abilities, continuously restoring your allies’ HP during team fights is crucial.

As such, you need to build items that regenerate mana and lower cooldowns (like Enchanted Talisman), boost healing effects (such as Oracle), and provide enough defense for you to last in clashes.

By providing vision, you enable your teammates to make informed decisions about when to attack or retreat to safety, which can significantly impact the outcome of the game.

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